topher - Runnells, Iowa
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Several times during golf practice I have been asked “Did you do anything during summer?” referring to my terrible play. My usual answer, “Yes,” is a lie considering I only golfed about ten times total all summer.

“You know you might actually play golf better if you practiced harder once and awhile” my coach says repeatedly which I know he is right. I believe that practice makes perfect even thought I might not always practice. As I see some of my fellow teammates winning tournaments I think to myself what if I practiced harder and more often?

Many people practice to make themselves better. The reason why I practice is to have fun and to be with my friends. My friends on the golf team always ask me “Do you ever play a serious round of golf?” I reply sarcastically “Of course all the time!”

I know if I tried a lot harder I might play in more meets and succeed a lot more but to me golf is more than just a sport it’s a time to get out in the open and be at peace with myself and have fun while doing it. I realize that some coaches wouldn’t like my style of practicing, but hey, it’s my style and I like it for me, practice makes for perfect fun in my book.

Most athletes that go out for a sport are there to succeed. They might not even like the sport; it might just be their parents making them go out. In my case, my parents are making me go out so I try and make the best of it. Practice to me means having fun with my friends and enjoying my time outside I might not get better at golf but I really don’t care. I believe that practice makes perfect and so does probably every coach in the entire world.