This I Believe…

Brittney - Wood River, Illinois
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

This I Believe…

I believe war is pointless. I feel so sorry for the people who have lost loved ones; my prayers go out to them.

There are way too many people being taken from their homes each year to go fight for our country when it is no longer needed. This war started in March, 2003, and is still going strong with very little progress. American lives are being risked for this country that is not being very cooperative. Over thirty thousand American soldiers and over one million Iraqis have been wounded or killed in the last five years.

I have many friends and some family members who are stuck joining the Armed Forces to pay for college. It looks like an easy way out, an easy way to pay for school. When young people speak to the forces about joining, the recruiting officers tell them after basic training they will send them to school. My best friend’s brother joined the Army right out of high school. Three days after graduation he had to leave for basic training, and when he completes that he gets to come home for two weeks before getting shipped off to Iraq. Would you honestly believe that he is going to be ready to fight in combat, ready to take a human life for our country? I also have family members in the services such as my uncle, great-grandfather, and many cousins. My uncle joined the Navy a year or two out of high school. Taking my aunt with him, he moves from state to state wherever they need him to be. He is now stationed in Fresno, California, and is on a thirty-day cruise in training for the eight months he will be overseas in the Persian Gulf. He leaves for this eight month trip in January. Luckily, I get to see him in November before he leaves. We will say our goodbyes, and, as always, he will tell me, “No, it’s not goodbye, it’s ‘I will see you later’.” It never fails; this always makes me cry. What if something was to go wrong while he was over there? I couldn’t imagine losing him; he’s like the father I have never had in my life. I couldn’t imagine losing any of the people in my life to a pointless war.

If we keep sending the kids who are just graduating and all of the younger people in America out to war we are going to have a repeat of World War I; we could possibly lose a generation. Our country has lost way too many soldiers’ lives already, and the war is not coming to an end anytime soon.