Dogs Make The World Go Round

Jessica - Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Dogs Make the World Go Round

Dogs are always so happy. No matter how bad my day was my dog is always there to greet me and make me feel better. They are always willing to do anything and everything to make you happy. When I get home form a bad day at school or work, as soon as I open the door my pup is already standing there wagging his tail.

I remembered the day when my mom and I went to go get Ozzy. We had agreed to meet up with the owners at a near by home and garden store. They were late and my mom and I grew more and more anxious waiting to see the pup.

A green car pulled up and out popped a bigger dog than what we thought. “I thought it was just a baby?” I asked.

“Well I thought it was!” mom whispered back.

“Hello.” an older lady exclaimed while she scooped up the dog. “Are you the person I talked to on the phone this morning?”

“Yes! I am Denise,” she said back. “So is this his?” she said as she pointed to the older dog.

“Oh no!” she laughed, “This is him!” She moved to the side and behind her was her young daughter who was holding a very small, almost all black Yorkshire Terrier. He was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. He had two big dark brown almost black eyes. All his fur was black but around his face and under his belly was caramel colored. The young girl handed him to my mom. We sat in the grass for the next hour talking with the owners and playing with our new puppy. My mom hurried and wrote the check and we were on our way.

He is all grown up now, but I still love him just as much as when I first saw him. He knows how to cheer me up. Dogs are a good friend to have because they cannot and if I need someone to just talk to he’s there. He is always so happy and he has tons of energy. Dogs never mean to make people feel better, they just do.