Count on Big Red

Chloe - altoona, Iowa
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life with Big Red

I believe the bond between true friends is like Big Red chewing gum. Unshakable is

probably the best way to sum it up. In a real friendship, the memories and times together

are always hot and fresh, as old as the gum might be. Even at times, what ever the

relationship has been through, doesn’t even matter. As long as it’s a true bond, things are

perfectly good.

I learned of how great Big Red gum was when I once filled a huge bag with multiple

kinds of gum from the gas station. I took along the bag with me to the beach. I put a lawn chair close to the water and perched the bag on top of it. All day I got splashed

with the water, baked in the sun, and was covered in sand. And at the end of the day, I

found out, what happened to me had also happened to the gum that was sitting in my bag.

“Awesome, so my five bucks worth of gum is ruined,” was my first reaction to

seeing the mess. Each pack was sticky and sandy, but I tried a piece from the different

choices I had.

“Uhhhhh, sick.” I remember muttering. Each kind I put in my mouth was horrible,

and right away lost its taste like usual. After a couple failures with the other gum, there

was the last packet of chewing gum left. I peeled open the gooey wrapper and chomped

on the Big Red. It was like it was brand new and untouched; still had that great taste like


After I ditched the other gum left in my bag that failed me, I realized this was

exactly how true friends weave through a group of others and prove themselves to be the best. When your friends travel along with you through the bad times, the gritty and dirty

times, in the end the true friends will come out just as good as before. The true ones will

be great and untouched like promised.