alicia - st.pete, Florida
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

True friends are always there for you, through the ups and the downs. You’ll always have someone to lean on.

The bell rings and everyone runs in different ways looking for directions. Some scatter here and some there all lost looking like total goons. Yes, you guessed it- that’s kindergarten where I met Veronica. We shared the same classroom table and had almost identical brains. “What do you want to do?” “No way me too!” Almost everything we thought was the same. I guess this helped us become good friends. It didn’t take hardly any time and you would think that we had been friends forever. Our thoughts dreams and ideas were very much the same. To this very day, Veronica and I are very good close friends. We still think alike and have the same goals and ambitions.

In 3rd grade one of my closest church friends got accepted to my school, Pasadena Fundamental. Although we did not have any classes together until 5th grade we were still very good friends because we went to church together. Kaitlin is like my sister, always caring and sharing great ideas. When she came to Pasadena everything got better because we got to see each other every day, not just once or twice a week at church. Kaitlin was always nice to me and everyone else at school. A person that is nice to others is one that I want to hang around with and be my friend.

Gabby is another friend of mine from the neighborhood. Gabby and I are only a few days apart in age. My mom and Gabby’s mom were in the hospital together. We have been friends since birth. Our parents would get us together and play as toddlers and throughout elementary school. Gabby has always attended a magnet school for the arts and did not go to school with me. Gabby would play with me and was always nice too. It is important to me to surround myself with friends that care about you and want to have fun by sharing things and making sure everyone around is happy. Gabby and I are still neighbors and friends. We do not see each other everyday but I always know that she is there for me when I need her. I feel that I am here for her too.

Friends are very important in everyone’s life. Having someone you can count on is very important and healthy for your social life. I always try to find friends that have the same values and goals that I do. If I find someone that tries to belittle others or tries to play tricks on other, I isolate myself from them immediately. Sometimes I try to change the person’s behavior or ideas but if I can’t, I no longer consider them a friend. Friends are only people that try to help you in times of need or try to make you happy when you are with them… and this I believe.