Love Is Strong

Peter - Laguna Niguel, California
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

The greatest thing a person can do is unconditionally love another. Throughout my life, I’ve taken advantage of the fact that I live in the house I live in, I wear the clothes I wear, I go to the school I go to, I live life well. I’ve lived my life the way I do because of my parents. Not to say my mother is not the hardest-working mother I’ve ever known, but my father works constantly—he works his butt off. My mom has always been there for me: picking me up from school, making my lunch, doing everything a mother does. My dad, well, I didn’t get what he did for the longest time. I knew he worked hard to bring money to our house, but I didn’t appreciate it as much until the past few years. He began to work for my grandpa’s small company when he graduated from college. Over the years, he has studied for and taken exams to help certify himself to be the best he can for the company. He is head of technical support, finances and he is the vice president of the company. Every day he goes to work with more and more tasks to accomplish. When my grandpa retired, after fifty-plus years of work in the actuarial business, the next actuary in line took his place. Last year, he suddenly died of a rare undetected heart disease. My dad’s workload grew intensely as he tried everything in his power to save the company. On top of this, my sister is in college and the tuition is unbelievable. For the past year, my dad has been working as hard as he can. He works when he gets home from work and sometimes on the weekends to keep the company afloat. He makes so many sacrifices that I cannot understand. I have truly realized how much my dad loves and cares for my family. He does not complain about his challenges of work; rather he stays positive and supports the family in every way possible. He is the epitome of humbleness. The greatest thing I can take from this is that love is amazingly strong. No matter what challenges approach, I should be able to tackle them as best as I can and not complain. My goal is to be as hardworking as my father. He has taught me that life’s challenges can always be accomplished with God’s help and I try to live every day that way. This I believe.