Thus Far, I Believe

Kelsey - South Lyon, Michigan
Entered on September 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe this “This I Believe” to be too typical because my belief is in playing with the assignment and finding the parameters and working within them to be as different as possible while doing the same thing as everyone else and I believe that everybody is quite possibly doing the same thing with this, believe it or not, but do –because I’ve a belief in over-analyzing and one in stressing out and one in being careful and purposeful but discrete –always discrete- but somehow spelling it out and being contradictory and stream-of-consciousness-messy.

Mostly, though, it’s the over-thinking the rubric: Outsmarting myself first and growing up by going…. I believe…

I don’t believe I have a story except for that I am here and I don’t believe my belief to sound right without it’s run-on sentence. Schooling has shaped my life up to this point significantly and now my definition of myself comes from schoolwork ethics analogies.

Because I read-into the rubric I think. Because I read into the rubric I try. Because I read into the rubric I learn and am therefore am becoming.

This belief is rooted in writing and scribbling and quite probably listing. I am rooted, likewise, in this belief. Writing is right and when somebody gives me a reason it’s better. Speaking comes sloppily. I nearly always wish I’d said more or less… and I kill myself over it. Playing with the rubric is killing myself beforehand. It’s fewer regrets and a better product.

I live, then, by trying to figure out what I live by, still. Pieces of this philosophy have a stronghold on my character, though. These, I believe, are the quintessential aspects of how I believe that I believe:

Over-prepare so that when stumbling through the presentation it’s on paper too. What’s left out is as intentional as what is put in.

I may state what I believe but never what I know unless I know I believe something. –But don’t say “I” too often.

Diction and rhetoric matter.

Consider the audience. Somebody always reads you.

Contain a sense of self. Paper brings it out but realizes a little bit more every time. Working around the assignment stretches me out. –there’s self to spare, so I’m sure to have a hold on some to keep secret.

As long as I understand, I ought to try to keep some level of disregard for what they think.

Brainstorms are important.

Second opinions matter.

Sometimes rules are elastic.

Closing statements have much too much effect.