This I Believe

Allie - Minnetonka, Minnesota
Entered on September 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

There are many things that I have learned and have come to believe in my life. Some beliefs come from personal experiences and some beliefs are taught. My belief in true friendship has come from both. People have always taught me how important true friends are and how important it is to be a true friend. True friendship is also something that I have been lucky enough to experience personally.

From kindergarten through eighth grade I went to a small Jewish school called MJDS (The Minneapolis Jewish Day School). During my nine years there I made many close friendships. After sixth grade all of my close friends that were girls left to go to public schools all around Minneapolis.

In all of seventh and eighth grade my best friends were boys. We formed a group of five friends and we were inseparable. These boys became my support group and the people I went to with everything. We would spend all of our Saturday afternoons together, study for school together, and go to each other’s houses all the time. We were the center of each other’s lives.

But, at the end of seventh grade we learned that one of our best friends was moving to Israel the next year. We took advantage of all the time we had left and still did everything together. Over the summer, four of us went to camp for eight weeks. Then on the last night of camp we all had to say goodbye to one of our best friends for life and finally realize we aren’t all going to be together anymore. For high school, I am at Hopkins, three of us are going to St. Louis Park and one of us is in Israel. Even the three boys that are at St. Louis Park rarely see each other because they don’t have classes together.

All of us have to face the challenge of going out on our own and starting new schools, mostly alone. But this strong background and knowledge that we have true friends that love us makes starting somewhere new much easier. Knowing that you have a true friend that is ready to catch you when you fall makes life a lot easier. If it weren’t for these friends, I would not be as positive about starting somewhere new and making new friends. These people make me believe so strongly in true friendship.

Knowing that you have true friends also means that you have the responsibility to be one. One of my best friends, a girl that I met a camp and is truly my best girl friend, has some problems with worrying. She gets very nervous about school, friends, and life in general. When she gets too nervous she starts to hyperventilate, shake and cry uncontrollably. This happened to occur only a couple nights ago and I was on the phone with her the whole time. I calmed her down and we started to think of ways to make school easier. We talked for almost 2 hours until she wasn’t crying and was ok. I helped her see that she is an amazing person and that she is someone that so many people rely on. We also talked about how she is so smart and that even if school can be hard she is going to be ok and end up being fine because we both know that when she applies herself she is good in school and is capable of anything.

I feel that it is my responsibility to help her and be a good best friend because I know she would do the same for me. Being a true friend has so many benefits. You know that when you are a true friend you get one in return. You also know that you are really making someone’s day when you are with him or her and your life would not be the same without that person. Being a true friend also opens up a whole side of life you would not see any other way. You know that you always have someone by your side, someone to count on when times are tough and someone who you can totally be yourself with.

There are so many reasons to believe in true friendship. Life is easier and more fun with someone by your side and you are able to look at experiences from someone else’s point of view. You are able to learn and experience new things with people that you can trust and that you love being with. True friends will do anything for you and you will do anything for them. I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have my best friends. I am so grateful to have the people in my life that I do. They make everything so much easier and more fun to do. True friendship is the thing in life that I believe most in because I wouldn’t be able to go on without true friends. Friendship is something that everyone needs and I am a lucky enough girl to have it.