I believe most advertising in our current society is negatively affecting citizens

Jennifer - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on September 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This month’s “Cosmopolitan” advertises on the cover, “Scents to seduce any

man.” They are saying that if you buy the magazine to read about the

scents, you can seduce whatever man you. The magazine is full of these

empty promises, such as how to dress your man to look like a celebrity or

how to get hair like the celebrities on the red carpet. This technique is

not just seen in magazines, but all over our country. Commercials today

are filled with celebrities and athletes to target men and women of all

ages. An example for gentlemen is the Gillette razor commercial featuring

Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Derek Jeter. And ladies see the new

Maybelline mascara commercial featuring Drew Barrymore all the time. They

are advertising the image of these celebrities rather than the actual

success of the product. It is hard to escape from the advertising methods

in our culture today. This is why I believe most advertising in our

current society is negatively affecting citizens, specifically

college-aged individuals, in our country.

As I and my peers have come to college now, we have probably realized we

have a little more free time because we are not in class all day, or we

have not fully developed those time management skills. In this free time,

we can get caught up in watching television or constantly being on the

internet. While we may not realize it, we are being exposed to so much

advertising here. Commercials take up about 1/3 of a t.v. show’s time and

advertisements are all over the internet.

We need to learn to be smart about what we believe in these

advertisements. We need to realize it is a way of selling products, and

no matter how hard we try, we won’t look like Jessica Alba for wearing a

certain foundation or play like Peyton Manning for drinking a new flavor

of Gatorade. We all really need to learn to be comfortable with who we

are. Each person really is beautiful, and we should embrace that