Sing From Your Heart

Kaitlin - 95663, California
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in singing. It is more than just saying a bunch of words in a rhythmic beat; it’s a thing that brings joy. It is my chicken soup for the soul. Singing has changed my life and given me hope. It has shown me that hard work pays off and that nothing in life comes easy. I have never worked so hard for something and had so much fun at the same time. Singing not only is my life, but it has also changed my life. For me, singing a song is much like reading a book. It takes me from where I am to a different place and set of mind. Each song is more than a song, but a story waiting to be told. Many songs are about love, passion, pain, and pleasure, all of which most of us can relate to.

I found out singing was a passion of mine one night when I went to a retirement home and sang a few songs to the residents there. What I saw after I was through was far from what I expected. People there were crying and thanking me for what I had done. I then realized how powerful singing is and now live to sing beautiful songs that cannot only change my life, but the lives of others. Although I will never fully understand what it was that made them cry, I was inspired. I was doing something that I loved to do, and it was also helping others find happiness. Because of this memory, I promised myself I wouldn’t ever give up, because it was no longer just for me, but the people around me. It encouraged me to make a difference, even if it was just in a few lives, for a few minutes.

Without singing, life would be dull. It has taken my black and white life and turned it into a mosaic of splendid color. At times singing is difficult and discouraging and it would be easier to just quit, but it’s worth it to stick it through. I see people that are all alone, with nothing to look forward to, and try my hardest to cheer them up. I love to see people laugh, smile, and even shed tears of joy. I have worked hard to sing well, and it would be foolishness not to enjoy singing to others and having them enjoy it as well. I love to sing, it’s what I believe in.