Just Say

Cameron - Georgetown, Kentucky
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

How many times have you ever been walking to class or back from the café and you see someone you recognize, but do not really know, walk past you and when you acknowledge them, they give you no response? How many of you have ever tried to say “hi” to someone you pass on the sidewalk and have them just give you a blank look as they are passing by? I see these types of scenarios everyday and have even been a part of some as well. I believe that people should be more aware and courteous towards those they run into everyday out in public. Even if you do not know someone that you are passing, it should be out of politeness that you would wave or say hello to them as you go by.

Who knows, maybe the person you pass by is having a rough day and all they need to brighten their day is to see someone’s smiling face and to hear them say “hello.” I know that there have been days when I have felt awful and thought that I was the last one on earth that anyone would want to see or talk to. But, then I will pass someone when I am going back to my dorm and they will smile and say hello to me. This completely changes my day around, I feel so much better just knowing that someone recognized me and was willing to take a second out of their day to speak to me. This made me feel so much better, and made me willing to go around telling people I passed hello. I also see this as a stress reliever for those who are uptight or worried about something. Saying hello to someone can spark a conversation that will take your mind off of whatever is worrying you.

Today I was walking to class and I passed by someone that I had never met before and I said, “Hey” to them. They stopped and said “hello” back to me, then we started talking about how the day had been and how our football team was going to do over the weekend. We talked for five to ten minutes and now every time I see this person, we stop and talk like we have been friends forever. So this goes to show you that just saying hello to someone you pass on a sidewalk can make you a new friend and give you someone to talk to on a daily basis. So the next time you go out, whether it be going to class or just going to get something to eat, when you pass someone while you are walking, stop and say hello to them. Who knows you might change that person’s day around.