Writing is Healing

Catherine - McAllister, Montana
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that through writing we strive to achieve healing both mentally and emotionally. Mentally we can heal from writing by looking at what happened from different perspectives. We can connect with our own thoughts and feelings in ways that would otherwise not be possible, writing allows for healing by providing a release for pent up emotions. Releasing these emotions helps to heal the emotional turmoil that is painfully present during times of loss. Healing is not automatic it is painful and even after several years there is still a void that seems to last forever. Going on with life when there seems to be no reason to do so is part of healing. Writing about any and everything helps to revive the connection with reality and the surroundings of life. To say that writing about your loss will heal the pain is impossible not matter what happens there is always going to be a scar left. What is done with this is a personal choice, it can be ignored as much as possible with hopes of never being remembered, or cherished as something special that can never be taken away a memory to honor as life goes on. What better way to cherish the memories than to put them on paper no one has to read them. Write down those sacred memories that you can never share with anyone, store them or destroy them as you wish. Take the time to remember what has made you the person you are, every memory is a small piece of you. Take time to reflect on where you have been in life what was enjoyable and interesting, why was it, would you do it again? By writing a person finds escapes from the day to day life, these escapes are healing and revitalizing. Writing may seem difficult and there are days when it may as well be impossible, then put the pen down and walk away, come back when you are prepared. There is no obligation to write it may be a daily activity or just when the notion strikes. Whatever the situation is embrace writing as a tool of healing.