Music & Lyrics

Jennifer - Alexandria, Virginia
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity


When I was younger, I used to hear, “it’s not just what you say—it’s the way you say it.” This made lots of sense to me, as my mother and I didn’t get along back then and part of the reason for this is that she has a way of barking the things she says. As a middle schooler, I always got caught up in the way she was saying (or yelling) things at me. I’m sure that most of the time, had I simply extracted the words and heard those alone, I would’ve found that she probably wasn’t saying anything all that offensive. I didn’t do that though. Her words AND her tone make up the whole package. And as with any package, the wrapping and packing material matter as much as the contents.


It has recently come to light in my life that my storytelling has a powerful impact on those that hear it. A dear friend told me that the words I use are powerful enough by themselves. What really gets to him about my stories, though, is the way I deliver them. He didn’t really elaborate much about what exactly it is about my delivery that reels him in—he simply stated that I could read the dictionary to him and he would be riveted from A to Z.

Another time, I was at a workshop and delivered a personal declaration in front of the room. One of the fellow participants told me afterwards that she hadn’t even heard what my personal declaration was because all she could hear was the power and impact of my voice and delivery. Wow, huh? Who knew?


I have a deep passion for music and my ultimate way of expressing this is to make mix CD’s for my loved ones. There are few things in life more rewarding for me than piecing together 18 to 21 beautiful, powerful, dynamic tracks that run the gamut of emotional range. The mixes I make are not solely concerned with, nor determined by, aesthetic musical flow, however. Through my mixes, I communicate and express my love with the words. The songs I put together meld in a way that I envision, along a theme of my choosing. That COMBINATION of words poignantly tugging at the listeners’ heartstrings while amazing notes and sounds land on the listeners’ eardrums and wash over them is the utmost powerful essence of my mixes.

I + II + III = …

So. There is a point to this disjointed commentary about my mother’s words wrapped in a tough, hard shell; my words wrapped in some kind of engaging whatever-it-is-they’re-wrapped-in; and the profundity I capture with my mixes that hold amazing songs AND amazing words. It is this: the true, deep, most meaningful parts of life lie in the marriage of the music AND the lyrics. Reading over these words, it is wonderfully clear to me that at every turn, THIS, I believe.