Facing my fear

Kao - valdese, North Carolina
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

I believe that all fear can be overcome. I have overcome my fear by experiencing it myself.

I never thought I’d get back behind the wheels after my car accident. It all started during my first semester of my sophomore year. I was given a choice to take driver-ed and I did. That first week has gone by quick and time to get out on the road and do some practice driving.

Finally the last week has come and time to wrap things up for the final exam. Late that Friday we took the test and ace it. At 6 that night, I was presented with a certification award for completing driver-ed and got my permit that next morning.

Furthermore, by the time I know it, it been a year and now I’m eligible to get my full provisional license. I got it, and about six month later, one of the worst things had happen. I had an accident. I was heading out to my cousin house. Half way on I40, it started to pour down. I could hardly see anything and pulled off to the side. After a few minutes have past, it started to lighten up and I’m back on the road. Forgetting it was one of the dangerous times to drive. Then all of the sudden traffic stops. I hit my brakes as fast as I can and started to skid like a snowmobile. It was to quick to even think and the next thing I look up, an eighteen-wheelers were about five feet away. I then, crash into the back of the truck and total my car. Luckily I didn’t get any severe injuries thank to my airbag and seat belt.

Later that night, I was in fear of what could have happen if I wasn’t lucky. Plus, those last few seconds before the accident, and that truck. I even had nightmare. I didn’t even drive for two month. I know that later or sooner I’m going to need to overcome it. Then I thought that if I don’t overcome it now, I’d be missing out on life itself and if anything like that ever to happen again, at least I over come my fear and have a better taste of the world. I then got back behind the wheels, crank it up and yet, to these days, I hasn’t experience it since. I’m glad I took another chance because life is really all about making choices and whether those choice turn out to be a positive or negative effect. At least I learn from it and make me a stronger person. Overcoming my own fear doesn’t just benefit me but also guide me to stand a stronger ground and preparing me for much tougher situation.