Sports Changing My Life

Jonathan - Brevard, North Carolina
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Sports Changing My Life

I believe that sports have helped me become the person I am today. It has taught life lessons and allowed me to find out about myself as a person. I was able to learn lessons that pertain to my everyday life, and helped me succeed as a person.

I find myself to be a hardworking person, I don’t give up, and I always have the desire to succeed. These are just some of the traits that I believe I picked up from playing sports. Football made me push myself to levels that even I didn’t know I had. For instance, when I was a junior we played Shelby and were down by 21 at the half. We ended up coming back to win the game by 4 and that was probably the most tired I have ever been. We gave it our all as a team and our efforts paid off in the end. I believe that football taught me that if I don’t give up I can achieve anything. Sports also helped me have patience and most of all be a leader to others.

I believe that sports taught me a lot of patience. I had to be patient for my other teammates, we had days that we would go over new plays in practice and we would spend so long going over them because someone didn’t understand. By me gaining patience with my teammates I was able to gain patience with others in general. For instance, I think by playing sports I am able to deal with my parents better when they are mad at me. In sports I didn’t have a problem telling other players to get focused, or hustle. I tried to be there for my teammates if they needed me. I believe that honestly leadership was the one thing that I took more from sports than anything.

My grandfather always told me, “Jonathan you are the leader of this team, they will follow you, so it is all up to you.” I believe that being a leader for the teams helped me because I had to stay focused and hustle because people follow by example. Being a leader helped me be confident, to say the things that needed to be said to help our team as a whole. Sports helped me realize that with the leadership role I took, I had responsibilities to not only myself, but to my teammates, coaches, and fans. No matter how I was playing I couldn’t let my own frustrations get in the way of the goals of our team.

I believe sports taught me things that I don’t know I would have learned without playing sports. I can’t really think of anything else that I has had a bigger impact on my life and taught me more. I believe that sports taught me the things that I will need to help me succeed as I continue on in my journey through my life.