The Sweetest Silence

Linh - Seattle, Washington
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever had one of those moments when suddenly everything becomes so freaking loud? The sound of your neighbor scratching their neck, a tapping pencil, your best friend’s voice. It’s like everything becomes too much. I’m Linh, and I believe in alone time. In today’s world we are never truly alone. Our cell phones are what keep us wired. To people, internet, the world. With e-mail, instant messanger, MySpace, Facebook, palm pilots, lap tops, and every kind of music playing device when are we ever truly alone? Annoying chatter, honking horns, someone turn down that bass, please. NOISE. Head pounding, jaw clenching, I wish everyone would just disappear. I need alone time. Not down time, not relaxation time, alone time. With nothing. Silence. When I feel myself starting to fall, I usually tend to panic, falling faster until stress overwhelms me completely. It makes me depressed, cowed, unable to function effectively in society. When I finally make it home it’s silent. Alone in my room on the floor with my back to the wall I feel like I can finally breathe. It’s different for everybody. Some people need music, others need darkness, whatever it is that feels like an escape. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like anyone ever has any alone time. People unconciously clutch their cell phones like precious jewels, waste away an entire day texting, in between anxiously waiting for the response. We rely on other people for opinions on everything. Since when did our MySpace page define who we are as a person? Do we even know who we are without technology? Sometimes walking down the street alone, I feel the need to call a friend, like they are going to be the safety blnket surrounding me on the way home. It’s almost scary how connected we all are. Within mere seconds you can be talking to whomever you please. If we’re always talking, listening, typing, and texting about our lives, when are we ever given the time to figure it out? Some people don’t realize how important alone time can be. To think, to do. To figure out what you like, for yourself without having to decide between everyone else’s opinions. Now that everyone is so close, it’s almost as if they’re afraid to be alone. Independence isn’t scary, it’s powerful. I believe in alone time because it helps me, understand me.