Necessary by Nature

Kristina - Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

I find it truly amazing the things we take for granted in life. Some of the things most basic and necessary to our survival are the things we choose to trivialize the most. Take communications; without it, we are lost. Humans and other creatures alike have been developing and utilizing communication since the dawn of time. Ever since the first caveman and cavewoman decided that “Uhg” meant “food”, language (verbal and non-verbal) has been growing, expanding, and learning. Communication is like a living entity; it eternally changes and expands with time and its people. In fact, the concept of human communication is so incredibly multi-faceted that entire fields of research, careers, classes and more have been entirely dedicated to its study.

There are many reasons why people communicate: to learn, to influence, to relate, to play, to help. However, the most overwhelming and prevalent reason is that humans NEED communication to satisfy our basic needs. Without communication and human connection, we CANNOT survive. In the past, doctors had to come up with a way to save babies with medical conditions such as premature births or viral infections. To do this, doctors and scientists created incubators. Now these incubators were the prefect temperature, so the babies had warmth. They were fed the perfect amount of food and water, and they got sleep as much as was recommended. For reasons unbeknownst to these medical professionals, the babies actually died at a faster rate than they had been before. The doctors were puzzled to say the least. It was only when they added 2 holes with gloves attached to the incubator that the babies began to live. It only took the human touch, communication in its most basic form, to save lives. I believe in communication because its beautiful complexities allow us all to live each and every day to its fullest potential.