The sky

tien - phoenix, Arizona
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

The sky is one of life’s most beautiful and breathtaking scenery. It tends to make anyone who spends their time gazing into it ponder about their life and how small they really are in the world. It seems as if the sky does have its own feelings because of the sunny and rainy days. The awe-inspiring sight of the sky makes me believe that it is one of the world’s most gorgeous creations.

Every time I would look up at the sky on sunny days, it would bring back memories of my childhood which I still treasure. It tells a story of my innocence and keeps a checkpoint of my life. I still remember when I first looked up at the sky with the clouds passing by and trying to guess which animals the clouds looked like. I was lying on the green grass of my house and that summer breeze blew by made my whole body feel so free.

When the sky would be filled with grey clouds and starts to rain, my body starts to feel numb and cold. The beauty of the monochromatic color produces so much feeling within a person and the sound of the rain falling down from this heaven is like a lullaby to your ears. There’s so much calm when a person takes the time to just enjoy this weather and it feels like you are a part of it. It makes me think about how so many things can change easily in a person’s life, but this weather remains the same no matter what. It’s like a connection between all the years of your life, sort of like a scrapbook, but the feeling that it provides for me is more intense.

When the day turns to night, the sky begins to be dark and is filled with captivating stars. I would sometimes go on top of my roof and gaze at the sky and think about things that really matters to me. I would mostly think about whether or not there is a future life or even a heaven or hell. The thing that I would contemplate many times when I’m on the roof is the qualities in a girl that I want. It’s a weird thing to think about, but somehow, my mind always comes back around to that.

All of the things that I talked about explain how the sky is full of wonders and enlightenment when a person takes their time to actually gaze into its beauty and try to understand themselves. To me, the sky is like a connection between us and the tour how we feel. When it is sunny, the feeling that we usually get is being elated or cheerful, but when it gets cloudy or when it rains, the mood changes to bleak and very melancholy. To summarize it all, the sky is one of the world’s wonders in life.