Write for Pleasure Not Pain

Dani - Dillon, Montana
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Write for Pleasure Not Pain

I believe that writing can come from everything and everywhere. Within the last few weeks I have taken a writing class and have found that depending on what I write I can do well or not so well. I am a writer that when it comes to essay’s I like to have awhile to think about what I want to write. By writing an essay in just over a week I do not to do well on it. I believe that writing should be fun no matter what a person is writing. My papers are not that great and I can see this from them, but they are what I could do with what I was given and how I played with it.

I believe that by having such a small limit I as a student was pushed to realize how difficult it was to write an essay of length that is good. I can write a good essay in a day yes, but I cannot write a very good essay in a week while other things are going on. Writing takes time and the right mind set. I have learned that I can be pushed into that mind set when I need to be. It is hard to concentrate, but my writing has gotten better, and I have learned that when writing on a topic it needs to be something that I want to learn about. It cannot be some off the wall topic that I do not know about or really care about. I have written many essays in high school and having this as my first college class I feel I was unprepared because of restrictions I have always used in the past. I have learned from my own writing that I cannot write something when I have no passion for it.

I believe to write one must have a sort of passion for what they might write about. To just drop into an essay like I have done is not the wise choice to make, so if I had the chance I would have done my final essay differently. There would have been a different topic altogether and it would have been better and with more emotion. Writing is a thing I do for pleasure not for a grade or for someone else.

I believe that my writing has improved by learning what I cannot do and by also learning that if a writer has no interest in their writing than they will not complete it.