This I Believe

Jon - Cut Bank, Montana
Entered on September 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What do I believe about myself as a writer?

I believe I am a decent to good writer. I don’t have troubles getting my opinions on paper. I also don’t have problems getting my ideas on paper whether them being for a fantasy paper, or a journal entry. Ideas flow through my head fluently while I write. Usually if the paper is on something totally imaginative I can write and write until I run out of pencils or paper. When the paper is on a set topic that is hard for me to relate to I only have a small limit of ideas or opinions that I can write about. When I run out of ideas I realize it maybe time do actually do some research.

Research papers don’t usually go well with me. I struggle to find worthy material, and when I do I’m not able to cite them correctly without help. In my opinion citing sources is definitely something that needs to be done in a research paper. I also believe citing sources is too complicated and shouldn’t have to be so precise; that maybe the reason why I struggle to cite different types of sources.

I believe the strongest point of my writing is my imagination. Using your imagination, in my opinion, can be the most useful tool in a writers shed. The imagination is an asset to all writers, it’s the writer’s choice if he or she wants to use it to its full potential or not.

I do believe that if I can write a paper on just about any topic if I put my mind to it. It often helps me to try and find a connection to a topic through some type of experience or passion. Writing is a trait that everyone uses sometime in their life and I believe that it is a big deal to try and write to the best of your ability. I don’t turn a paper in if I didn’t write it to the best of my abilities. I am the type of writer that takes pride in his work and I don’t intend to lose sight of that in my life.