My Stile

Grant - Clancy, Montana
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity, work

My Stile

I believe that writing is a very productive event that can express a person’s personality. It can also tell the reader what the writer is thinking about, but it depends on the subject that the author chose. Writing can also relieve stress or pain by expressing themselves on what they believe.

I also believe that writing has to be done throughout a long period of time. I don’t think that a writer can just sit down and write a good book. I think that the writer has to take lots of breaks because they don’t always know what they’re going to write next. If a writer doesn’t take these breaks, I think that the book wouldn’t be as good. I also believe that you have to be thinking at all times because you are the one that is writing the book and you have to make sure that it sounds good to the reader.

I also believe that I am a pretty good writer. I can write papers that express my expressions, opinions, and my beliefs. I can also write a fiction story. I don’t know how long it would be, but I know I could write one. I think that it would be hard to write a really long fiction book because I think that I would get struck on what to write next.

Some people think that a writer has to be a special kind of person. A person that has a creative mind, and one who can go through the process of writing a long book. I believe that some of this is true. I think that person has to be somewhat of a creative mind because you have to keep thinking of your next step in your paper. But I don’t believe that the person has to be a special kind of person to write a book. I think that an athlete, like a professional basketball player could write a book, they just have to go through a process. The pro-basketball player would have to sit down and write a book but I don’t think he’s going to do that because his job is to play basketball.

All together, I believe that it takes a lot of practice to become a good writer. The person has to have the skills and know the rules to the English language. A person may be able to write a good paper, but the flow has to be good in order for it to be good too. I also believe that the writer has to be a very good critical thinker so the writer can think about what they are going to write next.