A New World

Cameron - Williamsburg, Virginia
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A New World

184 miles. It’s the distance from New York to Philly, and back again.

Last summer I got on my bike with 9 other Boy Scouts and rode the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (known simply as the C&O Canal). A 184 mile trek in which we carried everything we needed for an entire week in the wilderness: food, clothes, tents, pots, pans, bike repair kits, stoves, water purification systems, and a Frisbee or two. Along the 7-day ride we discovered multiple caves, hidden in the earth with entrances only a few feet in diameter that opened into cathedral sized caverns, we found a hobo campsite, and we even ran across a 50 foot deep ravine, completely undiscovered and unexplainable in the middle of the woods.

Some people ask why I do stuff like this. In response, I tell them it gets my blood pumping. The ideas of adventures, exploring, discovering, and trying new things can all be summed up into one word: adrenaline. And I believe that I live for adrenaline.

Life is short. I consider it to be too short. That’s why I like to do anything and everything that I can do to get the most out of life while I have the opportunity to do so.

Adrenaline is what moves me, it’s what motivates me, it inspires me, takes me to new heights physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thrill seeking is what I do, whenever possible. Sure I take the safe routes most of the time, I’m not crazy or stupid; but I enjoy getting my blood pumping in whatever safe way that I possibly can.

All of my life I have been dedicated to trying anything and everything within the limits, and sometimes stepping beyond the limits. Thrill seeking isn’t only about jumping out of airplanes or scuba diving with sharks—I consider it to be categorized with smaller things as well: such as the time I tried frog legs in Jamaica or a seaweed appetizer in a Japanese restaurant. I climbed Old Rag on the Appalachian Trail and I jumped off a 30 foot tower into freezing water below.

The opportunity to step into a portion of the world that I don’t know mesmerizes me and I take that opportunity every chance I get.

When my adrenaline pumps, I am at my best. Its special moments that are hard to find that really get me going. There are the times when I embark on crazy adventures where I’m having a blast the whole way through because I’m experiencing something new but then I also like to entertain myself on a routinely basis with sports such as mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, and wrestling.

Everyone in life looks for whatever it is that makes them happiest. For me, I believe that pushing my mind, body and soul to the brink is what makes me go.