The secret truth.

Mitchell - Hometown, West Virginia
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

If anyone I know saw what I am about to write, I would be in serious trouble, especially my family. I would be considered a disgrace and some may stop talking to me completely. Religion is a huge topic that many people over exaggerate about. With religion comes hypocrites and with hypocrites comes judgment, which I think is one of the Christian Ten Commandments. I see these so called “Christians” stand up for their religion and cast judgment upon the “damned” for disobeying the real God. The Bible tells Christians what they can and cannot do. A few of those rules teach against the use of mind altering substances and gluttony.

When I go to my family church, which is a Church of God, I see many of the members walk outside after dismissal and light up a delicious, suicidal cigarette. That brings up my question, how can Christians preach against using drugs and drinking alcohol when a cigarette is more addictive than almost any drug I could find on the streets? The nicotine in a cigarette causes you to crave more every time you take a puff. On top of that, the amount of toxins found in cigarettes is substantial. I believe all of those people who think they are Christians that go out and smoke a pack of cigarettes are ignorant to the fact that, not only are they using mind altering substances themselves, but by preaching their rules to others they are making everyone of the religion look like hypocritical bastards.

In addition to the large group of Christians who destroy their bodies by smoking, there is another terrible addiction I see in them every day. If you don’t know what gluttony means, it is when people stuff themselves with food even if they aren’t really hungry. Now ask yourself, how many people in your church, if you attend one, do you see that suffer from obesity? I know I see more than I want to. The Bible specifically says that gluttony is a sin. So, what does that mean to all of these obese Christians? I understand that some people have natural eating disorders, but when I go into a church it’s usually 75% obese people. I know for a fact that 75% of America doesn’t have an eating disorder so that must mean these people are playing that same ol’ hypocritical Christian game. That is preaching against something that is supposed to be a sin, but when it comes to the hypocritical person, it’s ok for him.

I’m no genius, but I’m not an idiot. People of the Christian community are surrounded by hypocrites who consistently go against their own rules. They are a disgrace to a religion with such strong values. I believe the Christians of the world need an attitude check, because they are slowly ripping their religion apart.