Laughter is Beautiful

William - Windsor, Virginia
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that you have to learn to laugh to live a successful and happy life. We’ve all met a person who takes himself or herself’ to seriously. They are often disillusioned about their own flaws and tend to be somewhat narcissistic. Every person and society has things that they don’t like about themselves. If you are able to laugh at yourself then you are more likely to be able to deal with those flaws and become comfortable with yourself.

Television shows like The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live have made a living off satirizing the collective flaws and absurdities of society. When Jon Stewart makes fun of President Bush for something contradictory he says it makes Americans examine their political system. It does this in a very palatable style. By mixing the something that might at first be a disheartening and mixes it with humor, we are more likely to talk about these issues. While we laugh at these things they discuss serious issues, so we take notice.

There is nothing that is so serious that it can’t be lightened through laugher. Some might say that an issue like the Holocaust is far to sensitive for this issue. If we look at a movie like Life is Beautiful we see issues, even something as dismal as the Holocaust, don’t have to depress us in order to teach us. If someone were to tell me that they found something in a movie about the Holocaust funny I would probably call the crazy or that the movie was very insensitive. But sometimes only through humor can the significance be portrayed.

It’s a lot like getting hit in the crouch with a football. It hurts really badly, and I have two options. My first option is, I can lie on the ground writhing in pain consumed in my own melancholy state. And at first this seems like my only choice. The second choice is that I can laugh. Admittedly in this situation my friends are probably already laughing, but that’s beside the point. If you laugh it hurts a lot less. Even through something like this, that is not very serious, you learn something.

Laughing is very therapeutic. We know that everything is not okay and that the world in general can be a rather harsh place. Often time laughter is the only way we can accept the current state of the world. In medieval times the court jester was the only that could speak on controversial issues. It is always easier to accept criticism in the form of a joke. Whether it is a personal matter or a world affair, people are usually more comfortable talking on these issues when the overbearing serious tone is removed.