Don’t let a spanking turn into a beating

Erica - Arizona City, Arizona
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

You are probably thinking “Oh, my gosh what kind of essay is this?” But it’s not really as bad as you think. In this essay I am going to explain to you on how I believe that unnecessary spankings become beatings. And how being beat can damage a humans soul. One that sticks on my mind like week old gum on the bottom of a sneaker is one involving my aunt and cousins.

It was a nice sunny day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Me and my family including my aunt and cousins went to an amusement park. There at that amusement park we made a music Video. I got stuck singing a Whitney Houston song with

my Aunt. I thought that this video that I had made was horrible. I was so embarrassed. I just wanted to take the video that someone had to fork out money for us to make, and burn it.

So we got to my aunts house later that evening and they all decided that it would be great to watch those wonderful videos that we had made earlier that day. Oh man how I did not want to see this pitiful film we had just made. They played my dad and my sisters’ video first and they all loved it. It was a cute one it really was. But then here it came. Not but two seconds after they ejected the first tape they popped in the second tape.

I ran out of the living room into my cousins bedroom and said, “Oh no! They are playing that video that your mom and I made earlier.”

My cousin Cortnee ran out of the room and came back a half of second later and shouted “You sound like this Erica.”

As he starts howling like a dog that has been struck by lightning.

I shouted, “Shut up Cort that’s not nice.”

My aunt hollered from in the living room, “What’s not nice?”

I ran back into the living room and said, “Cortnee says my singing sounds like a dog.”

And here came my aunt running as fast as an Olympian down the hall way. She swung the door open. There she stood with the leather strap from her purse all folded and in the spanking position. My aunt was swinging that strap around like a mad woman. And there was my poor cousin a year younger than me about to get beat. I felt so bad for him. He looked like a helpless puppy all curled up in the corner of the room. Just by looking at him you can tell he was scared. Because he was about to get a beating just like he has many a times before. My poor cousins they got beat for the littlest things. Things to me that don’t deserve a spanking. This time my aunt was mad because my cousin was making fun of my singing skills. My aunt spanked my cousin so bad that he had raised welts on his skin. I couldn’t believe my eyes nor could I believe my ears. Why couldn’t I believe my ears you ask? Well because after all the lashes from that leather purse strap my cousin didn’t even cry.

I walked up to Cortnee with my head hung low. I sighed I mumbled, “ I am sorry I didn’t know that your mom would react like that. I didn’t know that she’d spank you so bad.”

He told me, “That’s okay, I am used to it.” And we both just left it at that.

To me that was no reason to spank a child. Boys will be boys and kids will be kids. All children tease each other it’s a part of growing up. It’s part of a normal childhood. It was this trip that made me open my eyes and made me realize how a series of beatings can damage ones soul. My cousins always walked around with their eyes looking at the ground. They had to wear long sleeves and pants in the summer to cover the bruises and other marks that came from the harsh punishments of their mother. Later all three of my cousins went to prison at least once. And they still continue to do bad things. I feel that this is all due to their damaged souls. I believe their souls have been damaged due to the unnecessary beatings throughout their childhood.