Jesus - USA
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, hope, setbacks

You can believe that when you are in a bad situation in life, something good can come out of that. I don’t really ever want to recall bad situations that happened to me in life, but I do want to recall the goodness of hope that comes from terrible times. Like the time when my brother had a motorcycle accident. What a horrible day that was when it happened, but there was rays of sunshine that ran through the darkness of that day. If it wasn’t for the medical service and others who contribute to saving lives like the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’S), doing there dedicated hard work, my brother wouldn’t be here with his family today as an example of the goodness of hope that occurs from bad times.

It all started on a perfectly clear and sunny day in April. I was getting ready to fire up my 650 V- Star classic, and begin my dreadful journey to college. Then my mother got a phone call from my cousin, who also works with my brother. He told my mother that my brother got in an accident on his way to work, and that he looked ok and that the paramedics are going to send him to the hospital by helicopter. My mother went outside, screaming to me “Your brother just got in accident!” I turned off my bike pretending that I did not hear her and asked “what?” She repeated what she told me even louder so that I would know that she wasn’t kidding. Saying that already started to worry my Mother and sooner or later she broke into tears demanding to go see him. I and the family did our best to make her feel better while we were waiting to see him.

I could not believe that my brother got in a motorcycle accident. I said to my self feeling confused while we were waiting at the hospital. “My brother can’t get in an accident?” “He’s ok” “Nothing bad happened, he just probably got a little scrap or cut or something small like that.” I had many positive thoughts in my head, but I could not face the fact that he was in such critical condition due to the cause that somebody didn’t see him.

He was very lucky that there was no damage done to his head, even after not wearing a helmet. He was lucky not to have any broken bones, but the surgeon did tell us about the horrible damage done to his leg. It will take time for him to heal from all of his wounds. Finding out on what happened from the accident and the terrible circumstances that should have happened; I say that he was very lucky indeed.

THIS I BELIEVE THAT THERE IS HOPE THAT SOMETHING GOOD ALWAYS COMES OUT OF SOMETHING BAD. If it happened from an accident or not, you bet that there can be hope. That there is definitely hope in bad times. It may lead you to a path to follow afterwards, or something totally different. It may give you an experience that can be useful during horrible times. You might connect with people who have shared the same pain, and that the pain can be healed. The goodness can be reached out and shared to other people.

As time goes by and after fifteen to twenty surgeries later, we thank god and all those who worked with blood, sweat, and tears that my brother is doing very well today. My brother stands as perfect example on those who do their job and who are dedicated to saving lives. He also stands as a miracle, and that he’s been given a second chance at life, especially after the fatal severity of his accident. Most of all, my brother’s accident also told me that something good always come from something bad in many ways. It gave me hope. It gave my family unity, and most of all it gave me a path to follow. To become an EMT and give other that second chance at hope. I would never want something terrible to happen to anybody, I’m just saying that there’s hope that something good always comes out of something bad.