Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, family

I Believe Essay

I believe u have to do somethings you don’t to do in order to get were u want to do in life.Have you ever had to leave everything you have even known behind?I have had to leave my whole life back in Chicago, Just so my family could have a better life. I was born in Chicago. I’ve basically been there my whole life. i’ve lived with your grandma in Maywood before i lefted. My Aunt lived down the street but they we’re always at my house. So one day my grandma calls me and says we’re about to move to where she didn’t know. So i asked her why did she want to move, she said she was tired of being in the ghetto and wanted a change, So she kept talking about moving but never did anything about it. So i just ignored it and kept going on with my life. i had school and work to worry about.Afterwhile, my aunt started talking about moving to pheonix, because her ex-husband was down in pheonix. So her and her ex-husband started talking again and he felt he wanted to see his kids more. He decided to buy a house. My aunt started pressuring my grandma about moving with her, she kept telling her that the neighborhood was too dangerous for her to live. The schools were better, the housing were cheaper to live in. A couple of weeks later, my aunt kept telling my grandma that the hospitals were better in pheonix were better to cure her lupis. They have the best doctors. Her illness became worst and worst. The next week she had to be rushed to the hospital. She got better afterwhile. Then soon came out the hospital. My aunt had lost her job because she missed too many days of work from her illness. My grandma got tired of having to take care of two families. So she finally decided to move with my aunt. They both put there houses on the market. Then my aunt , her daughter asi, and my brother michael flew to phoenix. I decided to stay for the holidays then me, my baby brother,and my grandma woulnd leave. I had to have a chance to tell everybody bye and spend time with all my other family and friend. I had just got ny finacal aid check from school. I knew i had to put something up for when i got to pheonix, so i put up 2000 dollars and just blew the rest on outfits, partying, and stuff like that. After i got everything settled me , my grandma , and my baby brother left for pheonix, i didnt want to moved but i knew i had to stay with my family. It drove me crazy.i dont really like it down here but i now i going to have to deal with till i get my own. Even thought moving down down here was about the family it dosen’t matter if all of us aren’t happy with it.Morale of the story is that u have to do somethings u dont want to do in order to get were u want to be in life.