Be Yourself

Michael - Indianola, Iowa
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am not normal. I have a wide variety of interests including many that usually don’t go together. It doesn’t matter what kind of people I am with, I am able to find some common ground. My personality and interests have allowed me to fit in with almost any group. Growing up I have often found myself adjusting everything from my personality to my interests, all to blend in with the people around me. By Junior High I would pretend to be almost eight different people a day, hiding certain parts of who I am and emphasizing others. With athletes I was a sports freak, with thespians I loved theatre and literature; my main interest shifting from video games, to movies, to pro wrestling, and back again multiple times every day. No one at my school really knew who I was. I only allowed them to see one part of the whole picture. Even around my closest friends I acted the way I thought they wanted me to be, and this kept us from becoming truly close. It took one of these friends to confront me about all of my different selves, or as she called them; my masks. She was the one who forced me to start really being myself. When I started listening to her advice I found that no matter who I was with I was happier, simply because I wasn’t trying to fit in. Most of the people I had spent time with didn’t care whether my main interest was the same, we still had fun together and for me it was so much better. Since then I have strived to always be myself, my full self, no matter who I am with, and I have found that my life is not only easier but better and more enjoyable. So this is what I believe; the most important thing to do in your life is be yourself. No matter who you are if you stop trying to fit in to someone else’s mold and simply be who you really are you will find the people who will give you the most joy and truly appreciate you. Because the things that one person sees as a flaw another will see as an asset. I try and follow this belief every day of my life and I am better off for it. It has made my life so much simpler and so much better, and I think that it will do the same for everyone. We are all different, we should simply accept that and stop trying to hide the things that make us unique. I am not normal, and I am thankful for it.