I Believe in Blessings

Charlotte - Carthage, Missouri
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50


I Believe in Blessings

A few years ago, my husband suffered a job loss. Like a stalking victim, the move was pre-meditated yet the strike was sudden. A simple “Thank you for making the business a success. We don’t need you anymore.” A move that angered the masses, witnessed by the phone calls that came flooding in predicting blessings. Ample were the opportunities to grouse about the situation. Self-pity was poised to leap. But my husband, a man of character, made the choice to rise above the fray. He refused to sling mud or to place blame. His silence on the subject set the tone for those around us, as well as for those of us in the home.

We lived on those prophesied blessings. At first, maintaining optimism was easy with odd jobs proving lucrative. Then the prospect of a new business venture presented itself in the guise of the savior. This proved to be unfruitful and doubt’s shadows lengthened with the passing months. I don’t know what we expected, a handout or a windfall. Either way, the check never came in the mail. We had to check ourselves. Perhaps those blessings weren’t going to reveal themselves in a monetary fashion. Perhaps they were going to reveal themselves in a harder-to-see manner, one that would reap benefits in eternity.

In the darkest hours, we removed ourselves from the equation and found the answer to our situation. We simply had to decide what we valued the most. This life does not hinge on financial prosperity. Rather it turns in fulfilling the desires of our hearts. We have found blessings in following this pursuit. The change to a new church has found our daughter far surpassing us spiritually as she now is fed meat on which she can cut her spiritual teeth. The blessings are here. My husband has returned to school in pursuance of completing his teaching degree – a dream once smothered. The blessings are here. Two years have passed since our foundation was shaken. Yet, we have never missed a payment, never missed a meal. The blessings are here.