What A Beautiful Dance Shoe

Ashley - queen creek, Arizona
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What a Beautiful Dance Shoe

I am a person that believes that perseverance and not givingup is the way out of a

any tough situation. His outfit was a black and white jump suit that had draw strings on

each side. It was the baggiest pair of pants that I had ever seen. He was spinning around

on the floor like a Dradle on Hanukah. Here I was in a pair of spandex shorts and a

rainbow tank top. This was my first day of dance class. I stood in the corner like I was

wearing the Dunce hat in kindergarten after just getting into trouble. I didn’t know

anyone in the class. I was so nervous. “Are you in this class?” the man in the parachute

pants asked me. “Yeah,” I replied quietly so no one could hear.

“Well then get off the wall!” the teacher said with his draw strings flying every

where.” By the way, my name is Jake.” He said and sprinted back to the center of the


As he started to move I wondered how in the world he got his body to stretch

like that! He finished his dance with a spin called a pirouette. After that had ended, he

began a pose for another dance. A slow song came on and He summoned me to join him.

Without saying a word he turned and repeated his pirouette. I was in awe that

a guy was moving so gracefully as he was. “One, two, three, four,”he proceeded to say

as he finished his spin. “I hope he doesn’t expect me to do that,” I thought as I stood there

with my hands cupped behind my back. “Come on you can try it with me!” shot out of

his mouth as he helped me get into my prep stance for the turn. “One, two, three,

four.” He repeated. So I followed his steps and sure enough I got half way around and my

feet crossed. So u can only guess what happened. Yeah I fell, I fell hard and flat on my

face. Jake helped me up he walked me to the corner of the room so I could sit up against

the wall he wrapped my ankle in a black brace.

I really wasnot in the best shape to try anything of that stature on my first

day of dance class. Now I was determined to get that turn. So with my ankle still in a

brace I tried and tried again. Finally after two weeks of class and a couple bumps and

bruises later I had it. The Pirouette was nothing to me anymore. I even got the double


My dance teacher was talented in many aspects of dance.

The more classes I signed up for, Jake ended up being my teacher. I learned that spinning

with your leg out was a Fouete and kicking your leg high in the air almost hitting your

face was a battlement. Of course I was not one to get it on my first try ever. A couple

months had gone by and it was competition time. We were all dressed in big, black, and baggy pants; just like the ones that Jake had wore my first day of dance class. Also we

were wearing huge, white, long sleeve shirts that almost completely covered out pants.

We were back stage watching everyone’s dances on the television. They all

looked so good! Jake was in almost all the dances so of course when he went on stage

everyone from my class cheered. He was amazing ,leaping across the floor like he was a

gazelle or walking on the moon. This was my first competition and well I was a nervous

wreck. I had not worn the wrap for my ankle for a few days, trying to keep it strong for

the dance. I was praying that everything would run smoothly. “Global House Rock!” a

voice yelled across the loud speaker, “Your next!” So we all stood up and got into our

line. Jake ran back to help us. “Where do I go?”,“You don’t stand there!”, “Oh man I am

so nervous!” those were the most frequently heard sayings that were shouted between my

group just as we went on.

The stage was pitch black as we walked out to our spots. “I can’t see!” I

shouted in my head, “what if I mess up? Let’s see one, two, three, and four. Oh no what

comes after four!” I was freaking out. “Excuse me ladies and gentleman. Welcometo the

show.” They music had started playing and the lights flickered on. It was so bright that

you couldn’t even see anything or anyone who was watching. We started the dance

everything was going great! I was remembering all the steps I couldn’t see how many people were there so I was not as nervous! I gave it my all then came the pirouette. I was ready for it! “Step,one and two. Step three and four.” “Cross,spin. ” and the next thing I knew I had fallen again and twisted the same ankle. It hurt so badly! I started crying andI looked over to see Jake signaling me to come off stage.

I thought back to the first few days of dance class when Jake was telling

all of us not to give up! To always finish the dance an worry about everything after. So

I got up and my ankle popped. I knew that was not the best sign but I kept on dancing.

With tears in my eyes I really wanted so much to keep what I believed in relevant.

So I hobbled forward the best I could to the huge clump we were forming in the

center of the stage and struck my pose. It was over I had done it! I made myself proud

knowing that I didn’t give up. I know this story is nothing big to some of you who have

over come many things such as illnesses or death of a loved one. To me dance is a way to

express myself. When I started taking these classes I realized that I wanted to do this. I

wanted to learn everything about it. Overcoming the injury, for myself, helped me provethat this was something I wanted to do. To be able to fulfill my love for dance was

something I never wanted to give up on and guess what I got a medal out ofit.