Never Standing Still

Carisa - Maricopa, Arizona
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I’m that curious person who likes to watch others to see what they are involved in. I try to figure out why they do what they do. In observing the habits of my peers and myself I noticed that none of them are standing still. Each one of them had either gained more knowledge, more talent, or had lost what they hadn’t used.

After realizing thisI paid more attention to my actions to see which way I was going. My brother and I have a loving sibling competitiveness that drives me todo things I would never in my life think of doing on my own. One thing that comes to mind is my dirt bike. When I first started riding, anyone could tell that a girl was operating the machine. It started out like this. “For the love ofPete!” had repeatedly found itsway to squirm out of my mouth. This phrasesummarized my attempts at starting my dirt bike. My dirt bike, which you have to kick start, would only putter or slightly purr until I finally started it five minutes later from the time I started my attempts. The more my brother and cousin would wait for me to start my bike,the faster my bike would growl to its start. That is when I noticed I had improved my ability at starting my motorcycle.

Not always do we need to make drastic changes in our lives to move forward or backward but it is definitely the small choices that affect who we become. Richard J. Maynes once said “. it isa true principal that we becomewhat we do”. As we make good or bad choices about small daily tasks for a while, wethen become what we have chosen. This can be further analyzed as progression and regression. As I have observed of mypeers, many of them make a generally good decision of when theydo their homework. After so many good choices to do their homework early they become knowledgeable and have progressed in their studies.

Suddenly every choice or action I observed helped or hindered that person. I soon noticed I was making decisions that had affected my riding skills. I put more importance on being the best of the best in my class and also intosoccer. I did not make time for riding my bike with my brother. Instead I left my bike to stay safe in the cramped dirty shed for seven to eight months. I then decided that I had enough free time to go riding without time running away from me. I went for a casual ride and than I came across a mini track with a huge hill and a couple of whoops. What I mean by whoops is themotorcycle term for small hills. I proceeded to ride over the first whoop in 1 st gear, jumped the first whoop, skipped the second and landed on the third. “Oh crap!” I thought as my tire touched the ground and it immediately went straight downa ledge to the left of the rampthat I had planned to go down. This fall pushed me to acknowledge that my ability to ride well won’t remain unless I make a conscious effort to make the time to improve myself.

So out of curiosity I observed and still have not come up with an answer to why people do what they do. But I have come to the conclusion that our choices lead us to move forward such as gaining a new talent, keeping a friendship alive or even keeping the talent that wasalready had. On the flip side our choices could lead to loosing the ability, the moment, or the friend from lack ofeffort. Through my many observations of mypeers and myself I have seen progression and regression as apparent as seeing an apple grow to a good size and then fall. And yet none of these people have ever been standing still.