Engraved in My Mind

Jami - Chadwick, Illinois
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, legacy

In grade school I found a wonderful hobby. I used to take pictures of family and events. I liked to go through them, instantly remembering those moments. I would display them in my photo album. I loved remembering all of my happy thoughts.

I believe in memory. Forgetting the people I love is my biggest fear. Within the past three years I lost my grandmas. I feel that because they did so much for me I need to remember them. For my first twelve years my grandmas were like extra moms.

When I entered middle school I was the babysitter. I rarely saw my grandmas anymore. I feel horrible saying it but I didn’t notice they were gone. I took family for granted. At seventeen years old things changed. My grandma Gaumer passed away. I realized I needed to appreciate family.

Their memory gives me comfort. I remember the names they greeted me with; I was my Grandma’s “Tweety” and my Grammy’s “Jamers”. The last time I saw my grandma I tried to take in every detail I could to remember what she looks like. Now if needed, I take time to remember their hugs, voices, and the way they smelled; those memories comfort me. When I spend time with my cousins we reminisce. We talk about the time I was non-stop talking so my Grammy unexpectedly threw the remote at me, or the time we were in El Tapatio and my cousins went to get Chinese food and she yelled out loud in the restaurant “But they serve cats over there!” Memory can make you laugh.

As a grade-schooler I kept a photo album of the things I loved. As an adult I keep memories in my mind. I worry that I will forget memories eventually. A method of revival I’ve been considering is writing a book. When I want to remember I can read this book and recall all sorts of detail. I believe it’s important to remember family and the times you had. You need to make an effort to make memories with people you love so you can feel good about life. I have wonderful memories of my grandmas and plan to write a book about these memories so I will never forget.