Living in Slow Motion

Nick - Rock Falls, Illinois
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life is like a Corvette, zooming by quickly, and at the end of the road it’s whether you enjoyed the ride or not; which matters most. Accidents can happen wherever you go in life.

Just like when you crash a car, you must go to the problem, fix it, and then move forward again. Life’s many twists and turns can sicken people, but it’s how they handle the course, that matters most. Some people think that life’s more of a race, but life’s more of a steady coast. Living in fast forward is not my style; I live in slow motion, making sure I enjoy every moment.

My way of looking at life is truly different from the majority. People may find it weird that I’m always slow in just about whatever I do. I feel life is much too short to rush, so why not enjoy the little things in life? Why speed, rush, and not enjoy? Why not step back and think to yourself: am I happy? I guess I learned a lot of life lessons when I was a kid.

When I was little I loved to people watch. I would sit on park benches and watching the diverse people that would stroll by. From those experiences, I believe that life should be relaxed and enjoyed. Sitting on that park bench gave me some new insight about people. Many people would accompany me on that bench; some people would strike up a friendly conversation, some would holler on cell phones, and some wouldn’t even acknowledge me. The differences were clear.

I believe that life’s not as bad as people think it to be. Life is totally fair; it’s you who needs to prevent unfairness from moving in. It all comes down to life views and how you act. I act with patience, humor, and confidence in my life. Patience communicates that I’m an easy going guy and approachable. My humor shows that laughter paves the way towards a peaceful environment. And my confidence says that I need respect, to give it.

If you woke up tomorrow and landed a job that pays great, but keeps you in a cubicle all day, would you take it? Could you wake up at the same time, drive to the same cubicle, have the same paper jams at the same copy machine, and live the monotone lifestyle? I would hate myself everyday for what I had become. Salary wouldn’t matter, because waking disgusted with myself, wouldn’t be worthwhile. Minimum wage would be fine if I love what I do.

I think some people forget that God creates us to succeed. God blesses us all with a dream and then turns us loose. It’s up to us to figure out how bad we want that dream a reality. We are not born to fail; we live to experience life to its fullest. Enjoy life at a steady pace because life is far from a race.