I Believe in a Fairy Tale

Heidi - Dixon, Illinois
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I Believe in a Fairy Tale

I believe in love. I mean full blown, head-over-heels, grin-on-my-face-from-the-sound-of-his-name love. I wonder if people ever think about love. Does love enter people’s heart and do they just shut it out? I ask myself these questions. I wonder if my questions are the questions human beings today should be asking themselves. Some people think that love is a fairy tale that never comes true and if it does it’s sure to sour with time. When asking if in love, are the right questions asked? Is the big picture looked at from the right angle?

When it comes to my boyfriend Guy, he knows just how to make his cheeks pop out to make me laugh. He knows my worst ticklish spot and my favorite foods. He knows what my favorite color is and being in water on a hot day is better than cake and ice cream. He knows how to console me when crying or angry; he also knows when to leave me alone. I know all of these things about him.

Is this enough? Are these things good enough to say that I want to grow old with him? I think they are. We don’t always get along; we disagree on movies to watch or to have chicken or steak. I can’t stand that I always have to turn the lights off after him and for God’s sake can’t he see the laundry basket is only two feet from him? These things we can live with, but could we live without each other? I can’t understand why people tear their love apart fighting over these silly little things that do not matter. Is it worth losing something worth keeping?

“Guy, you can watch football Sunday if I can watch the Gilmore Girls every weekday. I’ll cook if you’ll make the noodles.

Love is a strong word and feeling. When someone else makes a person sad all of the time, then now is the time to let them go. Those are the type of relationships that are not true love. Don’t hold back experiencing true love because the sound of it makes a person run away. Being afraid never solves anything. I believe that no person will ever find their soul mate, it will find them. I believe in love.