The Opportunity of Fellowship with God

Bethany - Sterling, Illinois
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

I believe in the opportunity of daily fellowship with God. Though God is greater and mightier than everything, He is nothing like the violent and selfish gods from Greek mythology. He is relational, loves me immeasurably and is there for me daily. My friends and family can’t listen to every detail of my day, or all my struggles with confidence. But God willingly listens to me; when I’m rambling or saying whatever pops into my head, I feel accepted because He loves me.

One day while writing this essay, I lost my pen drive and hadn’t saved a backup. I prayed hard that God would let me find it. The next class, I asked the teacher if she had seen it, and as we were going to look for it at the lost and found place, we saw it on a classroom table. I was ecstatic, and immediately thanked God. Another time, when my family searched in vain for a missing rented movie case, and later for somebody’s shoe, both were found immediately after my dad stopped to pray about them. Some people would say these are just coincidences, but God orchestrates these coincidences to be in my life at the right time, as a reminder of His love and power.

Going to Jesus first for everything is important. Several years ago, I was helping with Vacation Bible School, and I needed to pick a grade to work with. As I prayed about it and caught up on my Bible reading in 1st Chronicles, suddenly I saw this verse in the genealogies: “…Joel, the brother of Nathan.” This stuck out to me because the genealogies had for the most part been naming parents and children, not siblings, and I have two brothers named Joel and Nathan. Joel was in VBS that year. Could this be God telling me to work with his grade? Amazed, I ran downstairs to tell my parents. They agreed that this was an answer to my prayer. I was thrilled; not just because of the answer, but because God had answered.

If I’m worrying about what to say to people or about everything that I have to do tomorrow, I can cry out to God and give Him the charge. I have amazing security in God that I want to take advantage of every day. And the more I do, the more I realize how irreplaceable He is in my life.