The Strong Heart

Jamie - Coto De Caza, California
Entered on September 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“AZDAIR! What are you doing out there?!?!?!” Coach was yelling, we were down by 14 points and it was close to the end of the game. It was a long hard game and we were exhausted. The offensive unit came off the field, going three and out, and the coaches were more than upset. Defense had to get the ball back in the next minute or we would definitely lose the game. BUT, there was a fumble, and we received it! We sprinted back on the field, marched the ball down the field and scored. The kickoff team onside kicked the ball and we received it again. I had the ball in my hand, World called the play, I called my blocking assignments and then, “SET HIT!” I snapped the ball, the offensive line gave it our all, this was it, the last play. World got the ball off just in time. It was in the air for what seemed like an eternity and then Gavin caught it…in the in-zone. The ref threw up his hands in that ever most elegant touchdown pattern. We won the game that night for one reason and one reason only: Heart. As cliché as it sounds, heart is what holds teams together in times of despair.

I believe in the power of a strong heart. Whether it is holding on during a football game resembling that of an emotional roller coaster or it is going completely out of my way to help somebody who I have never even met before, my heart is what keeps me motivated. In life, I plan on facing great oppositions, but I know that I will strive to overcome them. I am going to be thrown curve balls that will make me feel as if I have hit my all time low. But rolling with the punches, I will understand that this is just how things work and will live on to see another day. I want to help people; that is my life goal. I want to become a doctor, and use that to heal the sick and suffering. I know that I will accomplish this because my heart is truly in it. No matter where I travel to or reside during my lifespan, I understand that my heart will guide me in the right direction. I know that because of my heart, I will be able to accomplish anything that I put it too. I don’t believe in putting my mind to something because the mind deceives whenever it can get the chance. I believe in putting my heart to anything that I want to accomplish.