I Believe we are all World Citizens

Kurt - Indianola, Iowa
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

I believe that as humans, we are all world citizens.

I have been honored to live in and travel to seventeen countries around the world. I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean more than fifteen times, and lived outside of America more than I have in this country. I am an American citizen, but I am also a world citizen. I was born in England, lived most of my childhood in Africa, and to this day, I still have a great passion for traveling abroad. Once I was describing my worldly travels to someone with great enthusiasm and explaining my aspirations to travel in the future, and I heard this response, “America is enough of the world for me. Why worry about other countries when you have got it all right here?” The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world, but we don’t have it all right here. There are different peoples, cultures, and scenery that cannot be found in America, but they are magnificent pieces of our worldly puzzle. One of the great things about our country is the freedom to learn about other countries and the ability to travel outside our country’s borders to experience our world. I believe that no matter where you live, whether in New York City or in a tribal village in Africa, we are all world citizens.

What does it mean to be a world citizen? A world citizen is an inhabitant and member of the human race on this planet called earth. The key word in this definition is “member.” A world citizen is involved and participates in the world. I believe that a world citizen is given the responsibility when educated to be knowledgeable and interested in the entire world. Does this mean that everyone must travel around the world like I have been privileged to do? The answer is not necessarily. People can be great citizens of the world without leaving their home country. However, I believe that the greatest form of education is experience. Every time I am in a new country or a new culture I realize a new perspective on the world and how America fits within this larger world.

So, as humans we are all world citizens and must engage in our planet. If given the opportunity and availability to travel to places around the world different from your home, I suggest making the trip. Experience the world in which you are a member. Learn the cultures, languages, traditions, and customs that are so numerous in our world. Deeply care for and connect with humankind found in all corners of the earth, and truly experience your life in our world.