I Believe in Will Power

Elizabeth - Monument, Colorado
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in will power. I believe that anyone can aspire to his greatest goals and accomplish every ambition he has. When someone says that drawing a perfect portrait, writing a dynamic symphony, or pursuing a challenging career is going to be nearly impossible, I find myself taking their words with eager determination to face the harshly untrodden path and do my best to prove them wrong. When a person presents scare techniques to deter one from accomplishing one’s dreams, fear will not be the conqueror if that person’s determination to be the best and strive to succeed shines through.

As I began pursuing the career of Interior Design I was faced with many outside influences waiting to keep me from following my dreams. People who were supposed to be my biggest supporters were anxiously waiting for my moment of weakness to grasp and destroy my confidence and resolution. Although coming into the Interior Design program has introduced new challenges and hard classes, I am not going to let that scare me away.

On the first day of orientation all of the professors could be heard stating remarks for the pure intent of implanting fear in the eyes of their pupils. “This is not a career that should be taken lightly; plan on spending your late nights and early mornings in the Clark building; don’t plan on having a social life because this career is extremely taxing and challenging”. Over and over comments were made to weed through the apprehensive applicants and make the most determined stand out. I have now set aside my fears and decided to be one of the determined.

I have had to remove my doubts and let my inner strength provide me with the power to complete the tasks required. I have had to develop will power to start my path to becoming an Interior Designer. Professors, associates, and even friends have forewarned me of this career’s challenges and to prepare for the worst; but being the optimist that I am, I take each and every day as an opportunity to show them that my will power to conquer these trials is stronger than their resolution to scare me away.