Video Game Violence

Tate - georgetown, Kentucky
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that Video game violence is not as big as an issue as politicians say it is. From my personal experience I have found that video games are a very good way to pass time and work out stress. These politicians are not focusing on the main topics. There are more pressing issues they need to look to. Teens are getting access to alcohol at younger and younger ages. There are drunk drivers all over the road and kids in high school are smoking. There are illegal drugs everywhere and yet every time a shooting happens involving teens they blame it on video games. They don’t tell you that the teens were involved with underage drinking or drugs or, Lord forbid, it was bad parenting. We need programs that need to focus on keeping these teens in school and drug free. Also it is not like parents cannot sit down and talk to their kids and make sure they know the difference between reality and non. Parents need to take responsibility for raising their kids instead of letting the T.V. raise their kids. I myself was raised to know the difference and know how to act. I was thought about drugs and alcohol and the dangers of the world. Now being a college student there is alcohol and drugs all around me. From my raising I know that it is wrong and chose not to participate in it. I played video games when I was growing up and I knew when to quit. I never wanted to kill anyone by playing a video game. We need to focus on the right things and start getting involved in our kids lives.