I’m in the middle of nowhere

Kaitlyn - Gambrills, Maryland
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life is like one big instruction manual filled with tons of directions. People are always informing you what have to accomplish or the location you need to get to. Yet, when all those directions are thrown at you at once, you get lost. By making one mistake, you can head down the wrong path and be uncertain of where to turn next. When driving, there are different paths you can take and different exits you end up. Just like in life, making a mistake can lead you into a path full of confusion, not knowing where to turn.

I believe that following directions is important because you never know where you could end up. Even though there are helpful aids such as, map quest, yahoo maps, and navigation systems, people cannot depend on them. Despite that, you cannot always turn around if you make a mistake. One of the biggest problems I encounter is getting lost when I am driving. Somehow, I always manage to end up in places that I never heard of. One time I was driving home from Baltimore and ended up in Virginia then into Washington and eventually back into Baltimore, just because the road signs were unclear to me. Directions have to be interpreted by yourself; directions that are clear to you might not be clear to others.

I believe that following directions is important, it does not seem like a complicated task but if you miss a single step then you can be lost. As I was driving at night in downtown Annapolis, as I entered a roundabout, I had to keep circling because I was unsure of where to turn. A lot of times we are by ourselves and have to figure out how to get on the right path. Every time we make a mistake, there is not going to be a sign that says “wrong way” or “yield.” There are a numerous amount of things that are distracting, ranging from the radio to the scenery to people in cars around you. If the directions that are delivered to you are vague, you can miss one turn and you can end up in the middle of nowhere.

Everyone heads down different paths in life; some discover shortcuts when they are not expecting them and others cannot take the easy way out. Directions are not just for driving, they are delivered to you everyday, whether it is about answering questions on an exam, listening your parents’ curfew or putting together a chair for your room. I believe that following directions is important because everyone takes different paths in life and you have to make sure you are heading in the right direction, whether it’s a simple location or it’s a path you are on for the rest of your life.