Anjelica - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. Since knowing the meaning of these words it has been no struggle for me to express how open I am about the subject being a member of the gay community myself. Throughout my years in high school I have sat through numerous lectures and have heard of minorities losing their rights to the majority and being discriminated against except for the LGBT‘s standpoint. Unfortunately, hate crimes against the openly gay don’t get reported as let’s say a Michael Vick case; which included cruelty of animals.

When I take my daily visits to I come across stories in politics and what we are doing to make the next generation lives a little bit easier than that of ours. But seeing laws put into states’ constitution that belittle the humanity of an individual are by my opinion no way of helping our future. For example; in 1996 President Clinton signed into effect the Defense of Marriage act which stated that the federal government, under no circumstances, will not recognize any same sex relationship as marriage. I’m sorry America but what happened to my equal protection? Am I now a second class citizen?

I believe in laws that will protect members of LGBT community who wish to work without being scared of getting fired just for their orientation. For laws that would allow me to see my love one on their death bed without being turned away because I’m not “family”. At night when I think about how my future is going to be, I wonder would things ever change. It’s hard for me to realize that a country as rich and free as America would write discrimination into its law.

Supports of laws that withhold LGBT rights have reasons as to back their claim like religion, homosexuals can’t produce children, marriage will be less meaningful, and the famous reason of children needing both a mother and father. All these reasons can all be disproven and importantly when has marriage solely been about making children. If so there are an abundance of heterosexual couples that must rely on science to produce a family; should these marriages be placed in null and void also?

In recent news a teenager at the age of fifteen was shot and killed in his school for coming out to his classmates. The classmate who shot Lawrence was only fourteen years old and when questioned why he did the act he simply stated that Lawrence was too different. When I heard about this I didn’t blame the child who committed the murder but society for allowing this to happen. LGBT rights may not solve this country’s problems but I believe I speak for all for when I say it is best to be hated for who you are than loved for whom you aren’t.