Forever At Home

Emily - Rutherford, New Jersey
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

After traveling 2,400 miles on a six-hour plane ride alone to arrive to what was supposed to become my new “home”, something finally became clear. I have always appreciated things in life but did not appreciate nor understand the one that really defined me until just recently. I believe that home which defines me, will be forever be with me.

Your home is not just a place where you live. Home is the place that knows your history, your talents, your beliefs, and especially the true you. This place knows all the secrets to my past and holds the key to my future. Although I am not permanently living there, my home is the reason for my thoughts and beliefs. They are all a source of what I learned and experienced there.

I believe family the strongest aspect of a home. I have a very large family at home. Together, we celebrate birthdays and all holidays together. They always encourage me to be my best and support me when I struggle. Despite being from a large family, we all have very close ties with each other. My family has implanted my morals and manners in me. In today’s day, a family could be made of anything.

Home is where the people who matter most to you are. You learn to rely on these people without even knowing how much of an importance they are to your life. The people at home are the base of me, as a whole. I relied greatly on my family and friends for many things. Being removed from that situation, made me feel vulnerable. Home was my safe haven. When things got rough and felt like I could no longer go on, I had always had a place to go to escape it all. I had everything, family, friends, support, encouragement, at home for me.

This place that is so precious to me, has made me myself. Everybody comes from a different place with a different story. My town taught me about the importance of close support systems that I have carried out to Arizona with me.

Home is not however, just a physical place. As you grow older you learn that the concept of home is located solely in your heart. No matter where you go, or how many times you change locations, your “home” is forever instilled in you. You can take the girl out of the home, but not the home out of the girl. No matter where special place is, it’s where you have learned, laughed and cried, all that shape who you are. This is the place where I can be myself, and never have to worry about being judged.

In the dictionary, home is defined as physicality, an actual place. But for myself, I have learned it is a concept, an idea or a feeling within a person. Despite being physically moved, I have the foundation that will forever remain within me. I will forever be at home.