I Have Grown

Mandi - Dillon, Montana
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Have Grown

This I believe in me as a writer. I believe I have grown. I have learned to see the true meaning behind writing. There is more to it then telling the teacher what you think they want to hear. I find it is easier to communicate through writing, easier to communicate to others and to myself. Sometimes I find my writing is for no one’s eyes except my own. It makes an understanding take place between my brain and my heart.

Research writing comes from the brain. But writing from the heart is truly how you feel. Sometimes I think that I have to write down what my heart is feeling and saying for my brain to understand. Most times after my brain realizes what my heart is feeling the writing goes in the garbage. I believe that writing sets us free. When I feel like I need to tell someone something but do not know how to say it to them I write it down. Writing sets me free.

The feeling I get after I am done writing from the heart and letting it all spill out, there are no words to explain. The paper may not have the best grammar or the right punctuation but I do not care. In my eyes as I look at it, it is perfect. The grammar may not be decent enough to show people, but that is ok. The writing is not for them. It is not for any ones else’s eye besides my own, for me and me alone.

Some writing I keep, but they are still for no one else’s eye except for mine. They have their certain place where I can return to look at them. I then realize again what I had discovered then about myself. Some show me how to cope with issues and some just explain why I am the way I am. And yet others just make me smile and realize how far I have come and grown in my life. They do not have the answers I desire and sometimes need but they help me get through. I believe that writing has kept me alive and half way sane.