One good turn, deserves another

Aseda - Irvine, California
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: golden rule

Everyone has heard the phrase that “one good turn deserves another” at least in one point in their lifetime. But I would say that this phrase means more to me than to probably anyone else. People go throughout their day encountering random acts of kindness in many various ways. Whether it is simply acknowledging someone who walks right past you by saying hello and smiling, or just holding the door open for someone entering behind you, kindness is everywhere. However, there are also certain people who do not openly express their kindness to others. For example, take the driver who suddenly and abruptly cuts you off when changing lanes; even though you would like to tailgate him all the way to his house to make him angry, “one good turn, deserves another.” Let the driver go, and carry on with your day. In return, the driver may feel sorry for his or her actions and perhaps one day, when you extremely need to craft a massive 5 lane change maneuver, someone will let you go.

My mother has always preached this philosophy to me since I was young. Always be kind to others. Even if others may not behave in a benevolent manner towards you, always respond with kindness. Sometimes, people may be astonished by your response and feel obliged to do the same to others. This philosophy reminds me of a great metaphor. In the relay race of life, we must continue to pass on the baton of kindness to one another. If people stumble, or choose not to pass it on, we must continue pass it on. In my opinion this is what makes the world run: Kindness. We can show this in many various ways. And in fact we show this in all kinds of ways. From insignificant greetings to the giving of gifts, we can show kindness no matter the “size” of our efforts. It’s truly that thought that counts. This is what I believe in. This is my personal statement. This is how we should interact with others. To always keep in mind that “one good turn, indeed deserves another”.