I Believe We Should Have A Support System!

Desiree - Charlotte Hall, Maryland
Entered on September 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Imagine that you have just heard some tragic news, and you really want to talk to someone. Who do you turn to? Your mother, your best friend, or do you just leave it all inside? It’s not always healthy to keep deep emotions and secrets inside that you may not want to share. It’s always nice when you have someone to turn to when you want to talk about things, or just need a little advice. Personally, I have two support systems that have never failed me, my family and my best friends. Because of these support systems some of the hardest, most exciting, and challenging things I have been through in life would not have been the same. I believe every person, no matter how hard things get, or how exciting life becomes should always have someone to encourage, cheer up and most of all SUPPORT them in whatever they do.

Family is a group of people connected by blood , marriage, or that share common ancestry. There is so much more behind those lifeless words. Your family is the one that helpe md raise, influence, and cater to you. God made my mother and me family, but what we have been through made us friends. She has supported me in every aspect of my life, from drama with some of my friends to running for class president. Whenever I was unsure about anything I could always count on her to give me an honest opinion. Even if it would hurt my feelings, or be something I just did not want to hear she says things that would toughen me up, and snap me back into reality. She has raised me to be a responsible, confident and appreciative person influenced by strong women that cater to the needs of themselves and others. That kind of support has gotten me through family deaths, graduation speeches, and even my self- image, and without it I couldn’t be the person I am today.

Best friends are the siblings that God didn’t give you, but are there to understand and appreciate you as a person. For who you are. My best friends have always been an outside support system. Not only there to support me, but for me to support them. I try to be the one that they can come to when there is an issue they aren’t comfortable talking about to their family. I try to give them the advice that my mother has given me. To always keep your head high and reach for the stars, no matter how many obstacles are put in your way. This is the kind of support that I hope makes them feel confident and self accepting.

So again imagine you heard this tragic situation, and now imagine your mother, your best friend, your support system. You don’t have to hold it inside, you don’t have to face it alone; these are the people who care about you and no matter how hard things get or how exciting life becomes they’ll be there to experience it with you and most of all support you.