Trevor - Loomis, California
Entered on September 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in Living. Living isn’t just breathing or being alive. Livings about learning, loving, making memories, and enjoying all of it. Living is what you make it without your beliefs or your friends and family you would be nothing. Simply a being waiting for the end of the day, following the beat of someone else’s drum. Its about making your own choices. Living is a complex thing all melted into every person.

Born in raised in California I’ve traveled all over it. From the valley to the mountains all the way to the beach. I’ve pretty much been all up and down California. It wasn’t until about a 8 months from this day that I realized the true beauty of this world and all It had to offer.

We are all alive but we all want to live. To clarify to live is something you do it’s a lifestyle. To be alive is to simply be breathing being physically there not necessarily enjoying it or taking in the moment. Most don’t understand that this lifestyle is one that is not bought into or come by because of possessions or status. This lifestyle is one that is brought upon by choice. You choose to live, it makes you enjoy the little things in life instead of rushing through out your day just stop and smell the tree’s, that’s living. Making the best of your life and being happy with what you have is what this is all about. Living is about knowing you gave it your best and regretting none of it, its about what makes you happy. For example, if you work hard and love living then your fitting the lifestyle but if working hard means your giving up your happiness its not worth it. You see you should do what you love not what makes you more money or is easiest. Living is about finding something you love and holding on to it. This lifestyle choice is about living for a reason. Living without a purpose just seams pointless. Everyone has a purpose in this life, so find it never forget it and dream big. There are some great things in this world but no dream, no destination is out of the question. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you your not good enough to do something, living is standing up for what you believe in. Its about holding onto the ones you love and making the best of every situation. With every down there’s a greater up. Living should be fun so instead of going through the motions stop and take the time to start living. Take the road less traveled take the unbeaten path the one which little dare to venture. Stop and take a look around you cause there’s so many great things in this world that should be seen and done. Take the time to sit and observe cause simply watching someone can give you motivation or even happiness. Friends and family are the reason we live. Without them I am nothing not only do they fuel my fire but they help me when down. They build me up until I feel my heads going to burst, they give me motivation to be the best They are my opportunity, they give me a chance, they give me choices, and most of all they give me a piece of them.