I Will Either Find a Way, or I Will Make One

Angie - granite bay, California
Entered on September 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In exactly 180 days I will be turning eighteen, and on that day I will make my way down to a tattoo shop and ask to get something very special to me. Now some people might think this is stupid, and that I may regret getting something so permanent. But this is something I believe in so I will not waste my time validating others for something I want. I will be getting a Latin phrase reading “Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam” which means, I will either find a way or I will make one. Doing this is 100% against my father’s wishes. But I figure I’ve had 18 years of practice in living life, and by now I have the right to make an adult decision for myself. So I guess what I believe in is this; live your life for you, don’t let other peoples beliefs hinder what you want to fulfill in life. If you alter your decisions to please others this isn’t living. And no, I am not the rebel child. I am actually quite the opposite.

I come from a very traditional family, they breed owners of banks, owners of gasoline companies, teachers, realtors, politicians, and basically the all American family over and over again. I am the third and final child, after my brother Russ who made his first million before reaching the age of thirty, and my sister who lives the perfect life to anyone’s standards. I know my parents want what they think is best for me, but that is not exactly what I agree with. Ever since I have been about twelve I have had the dream of moving to New York becoming a surgeon, and not just any surgeon, a plastic surgeon. But even talk of this gets my dads face red and temper steaming. He says medical school is a “waste of time and money” and does not in any way shape or form support my future dream. For a while I gave into the pressure of fitting my parent’s perfect child mold, I mean after all they bread some pretty successful kids. My dad wants me to be just like him, go to business school somewhere like USC, work for some huge company and be able to support my family right out of college. But after a while I realized going to business school and being a carbon copy of everything I came from isn’t going to make me happy, so I am set on going to medical school. It may be tedious and expensive, but if I gave into living and doing what my parents want me to do, that wouldn’t be what I believe in. So when you ask me what believe in I will tell you this; plain and simple, I believe in living life in every aspect imaginable, to your standards and no one else’s.