Live Free or Die

tony - loomis, California
Entered on September 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I believe in freedom. Having not the privilege, but the right to say what you wish, do what you wish, and live how you see fit is the essential piece of the puzzle that is life. My freedom not just as an American, but as a human being is what I live for. It is the necessity that compels me to reach for the stars, though my grasp does not exceed the treetops.

However freedom is seldom seen in the modern world of today. Police states infest the earth like locusts devouring life in ancient times. Whether they be fascist, communist, or any other type of totalitarian regime freedom does not exist in these parts of the world. In America a man works for his employer, but most of all himself. But in other regions a man or woman must work for their leaders in order to be given the minimal amount of food needed to survive. This breaks my heart.

I have always been a nationalist, however why should the freedom I cherish so deeply not be shared by everyone else of this world. An anonymous person once said “Till all are free, no one is free, one bound, all bound.” I feel this through the absence of freedom that men, women, and children have all over the world. Knowing that they are not free bounds me with the guilt over the freedom that I have.

That is why I can see hope in all the war’s this country has fought not for land or commodities but for our freedom and the freedom of others. As Nikos Kazantzakis said “The superior virtue is not to be free but to fight for freedom.” I first read that just the other day thinking about what I was to write this essay about, but it is something I will live by my entire life. Those who are not free must fight for it.

As a teenager my freedom is somewhat limited. But soon I will be able to drive until all hours of the night, to get something to eat, hangout with friends…or just drive. I Can choose my profession, my school of choice, and where I wish to live. Soon I will also be able to put in my word for who I wish to govern me, who will decide whether or not I will go and fight and possibly die, so that others may do the same.

I’ve been told by numerous teachers and family members that being able to realize this at 17 is quite remarkable. And I never quite understood until I read this by Pearl S. Buck,” None who have always been free can understand the fascinating power of the hope of freedom to those who are not free.” So I must ask of those of you that have always been free to strip yourself of all your freedoms, and then ask yourself; “Do you take your freedom for granted?” Live free or die.