World’s Wonders

Tara - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: science

I believe in the world’s wonder of how our home, Earth was created. I believe we go about our daily lives with understanding almost nothing of the world. We give little though to how this wonderful planet was created.

In the beginning there was darkness and mystery, this is where the universe was born. I believe the big bang is all around us. The universe expanded from incredibly high density, high temperatures and pressures that were rapidly expanding and cooling. In approximately a couple seconds the expansion caused a cosmic inflation during which the universe grew. Temperatures were so high random particles and antiparticles were being destroyed and the particles left over settled down to become stable matter. I believe minutes after this happened helium was created and the rest left behind as single protons, known as hydrogen.

I believe over the next couple of hundred thousand years the Big Bang effect was over and the universe was left to expand and cool. I believe after a million years later stars and galaxies were able to form. I believe that without this magical outcome the world would no longer be. I believe I have developed a greater appreciation for the factors playing into this incredible event. I believe in the wonders of density, temperature and high pressure. With these all in tact the world can begin to expand and create.

I believe we are all stardust. We have been created by the death of several elder stars. Without these dying stars we would not be here today. I have developed an appreciation to the death of those elder stars. I believe we are citizens of the Milky Way Galaxy. This promotes my sense of belonging and presence. The Milky Way Galaxy is my town, and the Earth is my home.