I Believe in Ketchup

Kezzia - USA
Entered on September 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in ketchup, oh yes, world’s favorite condiment the almighty Ketchup. Do you ever hear people say, “Hey can I get some mustard for my fries?” No, you hear them calling out for the delicious tomato sensation created by the gods. It all started out when I was a youngster, you see, as I saw this amazing creation squeeze out of a bottle from the hands of my older sister I was in awe. Now she, my friends, is way more then just your average ketchup user, she goes beyond your regular fries and hot dogs. From toast to broccoli and from rice to cookies, let me tell you she is a hard core ketchup abuser. I started off as an average Joe myself, you know, your usual burgers and eggs, but as I started using it more and more it became an addition. It’s just this amazing creation that enhances the flavors of your food. I don’t know what it is but it’s amazing and I use it all the time. So as I got older I started putting it on all different kinds of things, burritos, grilled cheese,spaghetti, even salami sandwiches. I still have never reached the level that my sister is on, but I am one strong believer in this magnificent creation. Its tuff being in love with such a remarkable construction, you get patronizing remarks like, “o-m-g did you just put ketchup on that?” Stand up for your belief, and answer back, “Why yes I did, its scrumptious, would you like to try?” Of course the answer is no, but their not like us ketchup lovers of America. They don’t understand its splendor and wonder. As I go to the dinner table with bottle in hand I am ready to add additional flavor to my food. Now you can’t just pick up any old bottle of ketchup. You gotta go for the Heinz. Its original greatness gives off the taste of rich fine grown picked by hand tomatoes. Each one is cared for with love and tenderness until its crushing day. You see I believe in something that has changed the way people eat. From packets to dispensers, from squeeze bottles, to glass bottles, (you know the ones at the dinners that never come out, forcing you to use the knife). Remember the back then when the green colored ketchup came out, that was a big step for the ketchup, different colors, what was a next different flavor. But you know what nothing can compare to the original red tomato ketchup. It’s more then just a food; its even became a saying. Even you have said it once or twice. You know the good old; hey I will ket-chup with you later. Get it ket-chup, catch up… Ha-ha… Food or saying, yeah I’m a believer.